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Some of the most ridiculous Ts and Cs you’ll ever see

End User Licensing Agreements are some of the most pointless things on the face of the earth; they’re up there with fridge magnets and Justin Bieber. So let’s celebrate them in all of their ridiculous glory by writing an entire blog post on them. Some of them prevent us from carrying out lifelong ambitions like taking over the war with nuclear weapons (iTunes) whereas others deal in trivial matters like Google’s complete and utter ownership of your digital soul. Let’s look at some of the ‘best’ in the world of EULAs and wonder at our own stupidity for handing over our souls to the digital ether.



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iTunes take the proverbial biscuit with this one. There you are wanting to take over the world like that over ambitious mouse from Pinky and the Brain and then you realise you can’t. That last Nickelback album you downloaded has stopped you in your tracks. Time to put the iPod down and put the missiles away then.


PC Pitstop


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Here’s one you wish you had read. Whoever read this first and claimed won $1,000. It makes you want to go back through all of the agreements you’ve ever read to recover the fortune you may have had. This EULA is also kind of smart-assed. It’s literally saying ‘You didn’t read me, so I’m going to punish you’ Not cool PC Pitstop. Not cool. It also took someone four months to win the prize. So there’s a lot of other ignorant users out there too, how comforting.




Mephistopheles has been trading as Google for years and we didn’t even know it. We’re handing over our souls to Google? That’s a clause we really should have paid attention to. It’s the use of the words ‘perpetual’ and ‘irrevocable’ it sounds so Shakespearean. I irrevocably disagree, in a state of perpetuum.


Far Cry 2


Video games have slowly been taking over our lives since they invented Sonic the Hedgehog. Now it seems these games are trying to direct our collective moral compass. Whilst this may not necessarily be a bad thing, it may be hard to draw a line in Far Cry 2. What counts as an immoral act? Playing a violent video game might be, best to avoid Far Cry 2 then.


The Fallout

So what’s the backlash of all of this ridiculous demanding from anonymous companies? A documentary, that’s what. Some geniuses made a documentary that highlights the power of our personal information and how it is used to make huge amounts of money. And points out that we agreed to it all. Watch the trailer to get yourself thinking.


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