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Monthly Archives: July 2013

BBC accused of monitoring whistleblowers

According to figures revealed under Freedom of Information legislation, the BBC monitored emails sent and received by 30 members of staff last year, four of whom were staff suspected of having leaked information to people outside the organisation and three of whom were described as taking part in “malicious communications”.

Commenting, Gavin MacFadyen, spokesman for Whistleblowers UK, said “It is clear that in a large number of cases the BBC appears to be targeting whistle-blowers and we are very concerned about this. It signals that the BBC is more interested in shooting the messenger than in dealing with the grievances that have led them to speak out in the first place. But it also runs counter to public opinion, which is increasingly supportive of whistle-blowers.

To help ensure your business practices regarding whistleblowing are in line with current legislation, you may want to download the updated Whistleblowing Policy on the Simply-Docs website.