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Estate agents renting out sub-standard accommodation

An investigation by BBC’s Inside Out found that two high street estate agents have allegedly been renting out sub-standard “beds in sheds” housing without residential planning permission. It seems that a garage without external windows was rented out to a young family, whilst another garage conversion without planning permission was being advertised as “stunning, newly refurbished, bright and airy”.

Commenting on the discovery, property ombudsman Christopher Hamer said: “A letting agent is the professional in the transaction. It’s the agent’s responsibility to make further inquiries to be more diligent in understanding the status of that property before they describe it to prospective tenants. Based on their experience, if they see something that’s not right in terms of the residential status of that property, they need to be more diligent than normal.

It’s essential to ensure that any property you are renting out not only meets required standards, but that you have prepared all the relevant documentation. This set of documents is easy to use and covers all aspects of residential property management, from approving tenants through granting a tenancy to terminating the letting.

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