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Health and safety myths 2012

A list of the ten “most ridiculous” health and safety excuses of 2012 have been published by the Health and Safety Executive. These include bans on yo-yos in playgrounds, knives in kitchens and kettles in offices.

Commenting, Judith Hackitt, Chair of HSE and the Myth Busters panel, said “It’s really important that we are all ready to challenge stupid decisions made in the name of health and safety, and that we as the regulator give the public the confidence to do so … Not only do the jobsworths who make these ridiculous edicts waste time and money, and interfere needlessly with harmless activities, they also undermine our efforts to reduce the number of people made ill, injured or killed by their work.

Regardless of myths, there are certain health and safety requirements which are very real. Whatever the nature of your business, ensure that you are following all the required health and safety procedures. This set of template Standard Health and Safety Forms can be tailored to your specific business needs.

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