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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Health and safety myths 2012

A list of the ten “most ridiculous” health and safety excuses of 2012 have been published by the Health and Safety Executive. These include bans on yo-yos in playgrounds, knives in kitchens and kettles in offices.

Commenting, Judith Hackitt, Chair of HSE and the Myth Busters panel, said “It’s really important that we are all ready to challenge stupid decisions made in the name of health and safety, and that we as the regulator give the public the confidence to do so … Not only do the jobsworths who make these ridiculous edicts waste time and money, and interfere needlessly with harmless activities, they also undermine our efforts to reduce the number of people made ill, injured or killed by their work.

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Staff exposed to chemicals

Chemical manufacturing company Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd has been fined a total of £15,000, after a former member of staff was diagnosed with occupational asthma and rhinitis due to her handling of a variety of toxic substances, mainly in liquid form, that were classed as hazardous to health, in the course of employment.

Commenting, Health and Safety Executive inspector James Wright said “The company’s failure to assess the risks, and implement control measures for what was a simple work process, has resulted in an employee suffering years of ill health, and has probably prevented her from ever working with chemicals again.

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Samsung and Ericsson in court

Mobile phone companies Samsung Electronics and Ericsson are locked in yet another telecommunications patent battle. Previously Ericsson filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), accusing Samsung of infringing some of its patents. Samsung has now filed a counter complaint, and is seeking a ban on the import and sales of some Ericsson products in the US.

Explaining its latest move, Samsung said in a statement “We have sought to negotiate with Ericsson in good faith. However, Ericsson has proven unwilling to continue such negotiations by making unreasonable claims, which it is now trying to enforce in court … Under such circumstances, we have no choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our company.

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Over a million apprenticeship applications

1.13 million applications for apprenticeships were received through the online database of the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), for just 106,000 advertised vacancies. The most popular sector, in terms of both applications and vacancies, was business and administration.

Commenting on the figures, David Way, chief executive of the NAS, said “The high number of applications generated in 2012 is further evidence of just how popular apprenticeships have become. The quality training on offer means apprenticeships are fast becoming a first-choice career option for a wide range of people.

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Person buys stake in Nook

Pearson PLC, which owns book publisher the Penguin Group, has announced that it has agreed to pay $89.5 million (£55.5 million) for a 5% stake in Nook Media, the company owned by US book chain Barnes & Noble (B&N) which produces a series of e-readers and tablets.

Commenting on the new agreement, Will Ethridge, chief executive of Pearson North America said “Pearson and Barnes & Noble have been valued partners for decades, and in recent years both have invested heavily and imaginatively to provide engaging and effective digital reading and learning experiences“.

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Company fined after worker loses fingers

Precious metals and chemical company Johnson Matthey Plc has been fined £20,000 following an accident in which an employee severed two fingers whilst operating a 10-tonne power hammer at a company operated site. An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) concluded that the hammer was unguarded and wasn’t being used in the correct manner. The company pleaded guilty to two charges under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Commenting, HSE inspector Stephen Farthing said “Had better precautions been taken to make the machine safe and properly supervise activity, then the incident could have been prevented“.

This set of template risk assessment forms can help you follow a systematic method of looking at work activities, assessing what could go wrong and deciding what controls you need to implement in order to prevent loss, damage or injury.

Netflix acquires Disney rights

Disney has agreed a deal with Netflix, which will allow the online film viewing platform company to give access to its subscribers to watch Disney films upon the conclusion of their cinema run, ahead of any (legal) film distribution rivals.

Netflix shares jumped 14% following the announcement of the deal which is due to begin in 2016. However, some analysts have questioned the affordability of the agreement, with Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities claiming the associated costs “are going to sink Netflix“.

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KP Nuts sold

The UK’s second largest snacks manufacturer KP Snacks – which produces KP Nuts, Hula Hoops and McCoy’s crisps – has been sold by United Biscuits, which also owns the McVitie’s and Jacob’s brands, to German company Intersnack for a reported £500 million.

The deal is expected to be finalised in 2013. KP Snacks currently employs about 1,500 people at sites across the UK.

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Citigroup slashes jobs

International bank Citigroup has announced a cull of 11,000 jobs worldwide. The bulk of the 4% reduction in staff will be made up from redundancies in its consumer banking division, and the so-called “efficiency drive” is expected to cost the company $1 billion in pre-tax charges.

The decision comes just two months after the bank’s former chief executive, Vikram Pandit, suddenly resigned, with Michael Corbat taking the helm. The cuts are expected to leave the organisation $900 million better off in 2013 and save it a further $1.1 billion the following year.

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