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G4S directors resign following Olympics security debacle

The failure of security company G4S to fulfil its government contract to provide 10,400 security guards as part of the security arrangements for the London 2012 Olympics has resulted in the army being called upon to lend at least 3,500 soldiers to cover the shortfall. Two of the company’s directors – David Taylor-Smith, chief operating officer, and Ian Horseman Sewell, a managing director – have now resigned in recognition of the failures.

But G4S’s chief executive, Nick Buckles, has decided to remain in his post. A company statement supporting this decision reads “Whilst the [chief executive] has ultimate responsibility for the company’s performance, the review did not identify significant shortcomings in his performance or serious failings attributable to him in connection with the Olympic contract.

This set of documents contains a Programme for Removal or Replacement of a Director, which sets out the steps whereby the shareholders of a company can remove a director from office and, if required, replace that director. It also contains are also ancillary documents, including Minutes for Board Meetings and General Meetings to consider and pass the ordinary resolution(s) to remove or replace a director.

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