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Met officer sacked for gross misconduct

PC Simon Harwood, who was previously cleared of the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson following an altercation in the G20 London protests of 2009, has been sacked from the Metropolitan Police Service with immediate effect after a disciplinary hearing found he had committed gross misconduct. Mr Harwood struck and pushed Mr Tomlinson as he walked away from riot officers on the fringe of the G20 protests, an act of force which led to his death.

Announcing the verdict, Commander Julian Bennett, who chaired the panel, said “PC Harwood’s use of force in this case cannot be justified. His actions have discredited the police service and undermined public confidence in it … PC Harwood has accepted that it would be impossible for him to ever again serve as a police officer, whether within the MPS or any other police force – we agree, as we consider it inconceivable that he could ever perform a role in the police service again.

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