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More Olympic tickets on sale

Following a spectacular opening evening to the London 2012 Olympic Games, criticisms have been levelled against the manifestation of empty seating at various events. LOCOG – the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games which is responsible for preparing and staging the London 2012 Games – has said 3,000 tickets were “put back into the pot” and sold on the London 2012 website on Sunday night to try and remedy the embarrassing problem.

It seems that many of the seats in the accredited “Olympic family” areas – reserved for groups including officials, sports federations, athletes, journalists and sponsors – were those which suffered from non-attendance.  Commenting, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said “Often these are very nice seats in very high-profile positions – and so what we’re saying to the IOC and the International Sports Federations is if you’re not going to use them, could we have as many as possible back, because, of course, we’ve got lots of members of the public who would dearly love to go.

This downloadable Olympics 2012 Guidance for Employers guides employers through the various potential issues that the Olympic and Paralympic Games are posing for businesses. It deals with flexible working, volunteering, annual leave requests and unauthorised absence.

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