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Employers refuse flexible working during Olympics

According to research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), only about half of employers are making changes to their working practices during the Olympics to enable staff to work more flexibly in order to avoid transport mayhem, or allowing them to watch events at work. This is despite government promotion of flexible working policies as a congestion-reducing measure.

Commenting, Rebecca Clake, research adviser at CIPD, said “Options such as flexitime and home working can enable employees in parts of the country likely to face travel disruption as a result of the Olympics to spend their time working rather than stuck in traffic jams or adding to the pressure likely to be faced by our public transport system.” She warned, however, that “employers should remind staff of the organisation’s policy on absence and misuse of alcohol, making clear that it is unacceptable to take time off sick, either to watch matches/events or to recover from the aftermath of long evenings in the pub in front of a big screen.

This downloadable Olympics 2012 Guidance for Employers guides employers through the issues that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will pose for businesses. It deals with flexible working, volunteering, annual leave requests and unauthorised absence.

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