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Employees may have to work on Jubilee Bank Holiday

It is a common misconception that the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday on 5th June 2012 means time off work and holiday pay for everyone employed in the UK. However, as the day has been set as an extra bank holiday, it is ultimately up to the employer to determine whether special bank holidays will be treated in the same way as the usual bank and public holidays. The employer will determine this by reference to the contract of employment.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, TUC general secretary Brendan Barber has warned employers not to deny their workforce a day off: “The annoyance and ill-will that will be caused by forcing staff to work while everyone else is out having a nice time will far outweigh any benefits from one extra day in the office.

These downloadable guidance notes consider what employers need to look at when establishing whether their employees have the right to treat the Diamond Jubilee as a normal bank holiday.

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