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How to write a cancellation letter

It is not always comfortable to cancel an order. We came up with a simple and clear template you might want to use for communication with your business partners or organizations when you need to cancel an order. This template will not guarantee that you get your order cancelled as it all depends on the terms and conditions of the contract that has been formed.

However, this template might give you idea what you need to include if you have to write in to cancel your order. If you send this letter on behalf of a company, make sure you use a company letterhead. Start with contact’s name and address and don’t forget to date the letter just one line under the address.


Dear <>,

Cancellation of Order

We regret that we must cancel our order for <> which are subject to your quotation <> and the Terms and Conditions agreed by us.

 This action is necessitated by the [consistent delays in delivery] [failure to meet the required/agreed specifications] [the poor performance of the goods/services].

 We regret any inconvenience caused to you by this cancellation but hope that when the problems identified have been resolved we may be able to consider other business at the appropriate time. [All monies paid by us in advance of the completion of the order must be returned to us by << >>.]

 Yours sincerely,

<>For and on behalf of <> **************************************************************************************

We hope you found this template useful. For more templates visit out website http://simply-docs.co.uk

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